Massage Chairs- The Convenience of Portable Massage Chairs

03 Jan

There can never be anything quite like a professional massage to relax and invigorate both the tired muscles and strained work environments.  Human resource officers have over the past decade began to understand how massage therapy can benefit their workers. Employees who sit by their desk for the better of the day are at a higher risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck pain and tension headaches, as result of this, many companies have started to invite massage therapists into the office to provide stress and tension relief to their staff.

Massage therapists who specialize in corporate massage use portable massage chairs.  These chairs are specially designed to be lightweight and easy to move.  They are usually made of aluminum and can be transported from office to office with ease.  Workers can lie forward with their faces comfortably resting on the face cradle. This type of massage is performed without the use of oils thus the employees can continue wearing their office attire.

Massage chairs shouldn't be confused with the regular chairs. OSIM Australia portable massage chair looks more like an exercise equipment or stationary bike than a chair.  It has a relatively small seat behind you such that you will lean forward and support your upper body on a chest cushion and a padded ring to support your head and face. On the other side of the seat, there are kneepads below to support your lower body. There are other cushions and pads that are laid just ahead of the chest for the support of your arms and hands.

Portable massage chairs have revolutionized the massage therapy industry.  Massage therapists now have the ability and flexibility to take their business just anywhere.  Not only are the corporate massages becoming popular bur therapists are also more often setting up massage parlours at other places.  Shopping malls, discount stores and grocery chains are among some of the venues that massage therapists frequent.  Another most popular alternative location for a massage therapist to bring their portable massage chair is the beach. Often, clients love getting a relaxing massage while listening to the peaceful sound of the waves crashing into the shore. For more insights regarding massage chair, visit

Most portable massage chairs are highly adjustable allowing the therapist to adjust them for different ages and sizes of clients.  They can be folded up making them easy to fold into a travelling case. Most of them weigh less not more than six or seven kilograms so carrying one is rarely problematic. Buy the best massager here!

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